MoneyGram® is a fast, safe money transfer service. With MoneyGram®, you can send or receive funds to and from over 350,000 locations in 200 countries worldwide. When you have provided the necessary information and completed the documentation, a MoneyGram® transfer takes only minutes and the funds can usually be picked up by the receiver within 10 minutes*.
MoneyGram® can be a great way to send funds quickly to family and friends abroad. Or if you're away and find you've run short of money, a MoneyGram® transfer is an ideal way to have funds sent from home on your behalf, quickly and safely.

MoneyGram® is an emergency cash transfer service it should never be used to send cash to unknown third parties for any reason.

*subject to receiving agent hours of operation, proper identification, documentation, AML/CFT Act 2009 or its amendment and other NZ legislations, rules and regulation.
Phone: 03-3542554 (Blue Star Finance Limited)

What to do if you want to send funds abroad via MoneyGram®

Come to Blue Star Finance Limited.
Present some major form of photo identification (e.g: passport, nz driver license) and Other Documents.
Fill in a short, simple send form.
Pay in cash both the amount being sent and the MoneyGram® service fee
Take note of the MoneyGram® reference number, and contact the person to receive the funds with details of this reference number and the locations of the local MoneyGram® agents. The receiving customer will be able to collect the cash sent, in about 10 minutes* on presentation of the proper identification
Receiving agents may also insist on the production of the send reference number and test question answer before paying over the funds to the receiver. Each agent/country will stipulate its own criteria.
* Subject to receiving agent hours of operation and proper identification.

What you need to do to receive funds abroad via MoneyGram®

Contact someone at home and ask them to arrange funds be sent via the MoneyGram® service.
Tell them exactly where you are and how you can be contacted.
Once the transaction is authorised, the person sending the funds should contact you with the payment reference number and test question answer (if it is being utilised).
Come to Blue Star Finance Limited, present a major form of photo identification and Other Documents, give us the reference number and "test question" answer. You will also need to complete a simple receive form.
You will usually be able to collect the cash sent on your behalf, about 10 minutes after its been transmitted.

Important Customer Information (other documents) is mandatory

and require by us: information

                         “Local Service, Global Reach”