Vehicle Finance

At Blue Star Finance we understand that people have individual circumstances requiring specialised finance structures to help reach their goals. Accordingly we can offer:
Vehicle Finance At Blue Star Finance we can arrange a motor vehicle loan tailored to your requirements. Generally the age of vehicle has to be younger than 12 years old and a 20-50% deposit is generally required depends on individual circumstances but if alternative security can be offered such as a property or another vehicle, we may be able to lend the full amount of your new vehicle.

Why use us?

• Have your loan approved and be able to negotiate like a cash buyer.
• Stay in control - you choose which car you want and where you buy.
• Enjoy great service - the people you deal with own their business.

Generally an answer can be given instantly and once we have all the required information we can prepare loan contract document and once the contract is signed we will pay out straight away by either a cheque or direct credit into your nominated account.

We specialise in vehicle loans from $500.00 to $20,000.

Note: All loans require security. Normal lending criteria apply. Payment protection insurance and a facility fee may apply.

                    “Give us a call, problem solved”